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Cookie Policy

As Moonlight Aydınlatma Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., HPR Pazarlama AŞ and HPR Endüstri AŞ (Each of them will be briefly referred to as “Company”), we use technologies in the form of small data files that enable computers, mobile phones, tablets or other devices used by users to record and collect certain data during access to the Company’s websites, platforms or the use of e-mails.

However, data collected through cookies may not always contain personal data. In this context, we would like to state that personal data within data obtained through cookies will be handled within the scope of this Policy and the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (KVKK) in accordance with the legislation in force.

The names and types of these data files, pixel tags, flash cookies or web beacons, as well as other similar technologies that are placed on your computers and other devices when you use our Site or our emails, may change from time to time. In this Policy, the term “cookie” is used to refer to cookies and similar technologies that may be used by the Company.

Some terminology and definitions about the technologies we use are given below for a better understanding of the Policy and cookies:

Cookie Types

They are short text files, usually consisting of letters and numbers, that are placed in the memory of your browser or device when you visit any website or view any message. Cookies are classified according to time or domain name.

If cookies are classified according to time, they are divided into session cookies and persistent cookies:

Session cookies are cookies that expire when the user closes the browser/session ends and allows us to track your actions during that browser session.

Persistent cookies are cookies that are stored on the user’s device for a predetermined period of time.

If cookies are classified according to the domain name they belong to, they are divided into two: related party cookies and third party cookies:

First-party cookies are cookies defined by the site you are visiting.

Third party cookies are cookies set by a third-party site other than the site you are visiting.

A third-party cookie is when parties other than the visited site place cookies on the user’s device through the visited site.

Use of Cookies

Our company uses the cookies specified below on our websites, platforms, advertisements and e-mails for the purposes stated below. We do not store your personal data in any cookies or similar technologies added by us.

Used for Operationally Necessary Purposes: We may use cookies that are necessary for the administration, security and functionality of the Company website, platforms and services. Examples of cookies used for operational purposes include technologies, applications and platforms that enable the use of functions available on the website, and cookies used to detect and prevent irregular, non-compliant behavior or fraudulent activities on these channels.

Performance Related: We may use cookies to improve and measure the performance of our website, applications, platforms and services. Examples of cookies used for this purpose include technologies that enable us to understand how users use the Company’s website, applications, platforms and services, to perform performance evaluations, including analytical studies that improve the content of our websites, applications, services and tools, and to understand whether users interact with messages.

Use of These Technologies by Authorized Third-Party Service Providers: We may rely on certain service providers that we have authorized to operate and promote our websites, platforms and services. These service providers help us provide you with a better, faster and more secure experience. These service providers may place cookies and similar technologies (third party cookies) on users’ computer/device and collect information such as IP address, unique identifier and device identifier to identify the user’s device.

These service providers may use these technologies to assist us in delivering content and compiling anonymous site metrics and analytics. We do not allow these service providers to collect your personal data on our Site, Services, applications or tools for their own purposes. Third party cookies are covered by the third party’s privacy policy.

  • Google advertising services (e.g. DoubleClick for Publishers, Google DoubleClick AdX Service, Adwords);
  • Mediaplex;
  • Hot Jar;
  • Criteo;
  • Gravity Recommendation;
  • Visual Website Optimizer;
  • Webinstats;
  • Visilabs;
  • IBM Tealeaf;
  • Adjust;
  • Mediamath.

Google may match the data it collects through our Site with its own data and process the personal data it obtains in accordance with its own privacy policies (For the Google Privacy Policy, you can visit

We also use the Google Analytics service to analyze and measure how you use our Site.

Third Party Sites, Products and Services

Our websites, platforms and applications may contain links to third-party websites, products and services. We would like to inform you that these links are subject to the privacy policies of third parties, that the third-party and third-party websites are independent of the Company, and that the Company is not responsible for the privacy practices of third parties. If you visit linked websites, we recommend that you read the privacy policies of those sites.

Deletion of Cookies and Refusal of Cookie Use

While most browsers allow the use of cookies, you can always block, delete or disable them if your browser or device allows it. Cookies can be disabled or removed using tools available in most browsers. Users can reject or delete cookies at any time by changing their browser settings. The method of changing the settings depends on the browser used and how cookies can be disabled should be obtained from the service provider of the browser used.

Depending on your internet browser type, you can obtain information about cookies and exercise your right to allow or reject them by following the steps below:

If cookies are disabled, some features of the Company website, applications, platforms and services will not be available.