MYLASER was established in 2008 to operate in the fields of electro-optic and opto-mechanical system design with its team, which has worked on many projects in the defence industry. The R&D activities that started with infrared laser systems; were followed by R&D studies related to the design, production and testing of mechanical, electronic and optical systems.

With customer oriented approach; within the scope of aviation projects, design, implementation and verification activities in compliance with the standards of DO-160 and DO-254, and armored vehicle projects in line with MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-704 and MIL-STD-1275 are carried out.

In addition to design capabilities such as precision mechanics, motorized systems, laser driver circuits, the capabilities/infrastructures required for performing analysis such as visible/infrared optical system design, and aspheric lens optimization are also available.


Our Vision

To be a company that reduces foreign dependency and exports technology in electro-optic and opto-mechanical systems.

Our Mission

To analyze the high expectations of our customers in the most accurate way by using our resources in the most efficient way and to offer cost-effective and reliable solutions in the shortest time.

Quality Policy

As Mylaser;

In cooperation with our stakeholders in the Defense and Aviation sector we are committed;

To make production and timely delivery in accordance with the requirements of the sector in the field of Electro-optical and opto-mechanical systems according to the standards, laws and current conditions to the extent applicable by prioritizing customer satisfaction and ethical rules,

To keep satisfaction at the highest level by meeting current and future requests and needs at the highest possible level.

With the awareness that our employees are our most valuable asset we are also committed;

  • To ensure continuous improvement and sustainability of the Quality Management System with the participation of all employees,

  • To increase staff competencies by investing in training and infrastructure,

  • To protect the environment and human health within the framework of Environmental and Occupational Safety rules.

In order to increase the awareness of the products produced and the areas they address we are commited;

  • To contribute to nationalization by designing and producing domestic and national products for our country’s Defense Industry companies,

  • To increase the number of our customers by promoting our products with Fairs, B2B Meetings, Visit Plans in domestic

and foreign markets.


Trademark Registration Certificate

Quality Assurance System – EN/AS 9100:2018

& ISO 9001:2015

SKL – Design Registration Certificate

LASAL – Design Registration Certificate

Double Lens LED Collimation System with Adjustable Illumination Area Technical Field Patent Application Certificate

LED Collimation System with Dual Lens Planar Arrangement with Beam Overlap Patent Application Certificate

Military Search Light (Led)

Design Registry

Trademark Registration Certificate

Lighting Device (For Motor Vehicles) – 1,2,3

Design Registry